What is Healing Heels?

We are a shoe company that specializes in fierce, edgy shoes that give back to women fighting cancer.  For every pair purchased, we gift a pair of heels to a woman in cancer treatment.  


How do I order them?

You can order all of our product right here in our online shop.  


I have a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer, what do I do now?

Buy her a pair of Healing Heels!!!  Your gift will make your friend feel strong and beautiful, AND provide a pair of heels to another woman fighting cancer.


I'm a patient, can you send me shoes for free?

Unfortunately, no.  At this time we only give free shoes through events we call "Gifting Days" at designated Cancer Centers.  However, if you put us in touch with your Cancer Center, we will try to collaborate with them on a future event.


How do you donate shoes to cancer patients?

We donate shoes through what we call "Gifting Days."  We partner with various Cancer Centers and give a pair of shoes to every woman receiving treatment that day.  They are really special days.  


What happens after I buy a pair of Healing Heels? 

After you complete your purchase, we add another pair of heels to our list for a Gifting Day. When the day arrives, a deserving woman receives a pair of Healing Heels!


Are you a 501(c)(3)?

Yes we are!  You can make donations to Healing Heels Org here.


How do we get you to come to our Cancer Center?

Speak with someone at your Cancer Center about contacting us - OR - send us the info for the appropriate person and we'll reach out.  We'd love to reach as many Cancer Centers as possible!


What's a Shoe Fairy?

A Shoe Fairy is a magical person who loves Healing Heels, and has a strong passion for supporting women in the cancer community.  By purchasing our "Shoe Fairy" product you are purchasing a pair of Healing Heels for an anonymous woman undergoing treatment.  There are women all over the country who write us every day that we, unfortunately, can't reach through Gifting Days.  With your order, we would send a pair of shoes to them directly. 


My shoes don't fit, now what?

Don't worry!  Just fill out this RETURNS & EXCHANGES form and send it, along with your original pair of shoes, to the address listed and we will get the correct size to you asap!


Do you only donate shoes to breast cancer patients?

No way! Healing Heels supports women with ALL types of cancer. 


Are your shoes for everyone?

Yes! ANYONE can wear them, as long as the shoe fits! Right now, our shoes are available in women's sizes 5.5 - 10. 


I don't see my size available, does that mean you're sold out?

Probably, yes.  But feel free to send us an email to make sure. 


I love what you're doing, can you send me more information?!

Definitely! Just send an email to info@healing-heels.com (or fill our our contact form) including your full name and mailing address to receive a stack of informational postcards.  For wholesale inquiries, please include the word "wholesale" in your subject line.


How do I get involved?

Contact us!  We'd love to hear from you.  If you'd like to be a Shoe Fairy, volunteer at one of our events, or be on the Healing Heels street team, we welcome you!